Euromillions pattern analyzer & key generator

Do you want to win euromillions? Obviously you do, but tell me...

How do you choose your numbers? Is it completely random? May-be based on birth dates? May-be always avoiding unlucky "13"? Do you always use the same key thinking it will eventually hit?

Well, what if I told you that all the above is wrong and should be avoided? That there are ways in which to increase your likelyhood of hitting the winning combination? ... Would you be interested?

Am sure you would be, so here is how: This website stores all the combinations since euromillions inception. By analyzing the numbers we can identify certain patterns. If we then base our key on these paterns we will substantially increase our chances of hitting the right combination! What we provide for you is all this analysis and the ability to generate keys based on patterns you select.

To understand how, navigate through the various pages. Start with Draw History, then Draw Stats for Numbers and Stars then finally look closely at the Number and Star Patterns. Look at such patterns as the Even-to-Odd Ratio in which a 2/3 ratio accounts for over 36% of all draws or Sum Range which if in the interval of 95 to 160 accounts for over 72% of all draws!.

When ready and fully informed on the patterns go ahead and generate your winning keys based on what you think will be the winning pattern. Finally all I can say is best of luck!

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